As CBD signs flood the streets and businesses everywhere, some people are still uneducated and unaware as to what CBD actually is. Throughout my website, I will cover everything to know about CBD and THC. I’ll provide history behind the movement, and how it has blown up across America. We will bust out all the myths, lies, and false information that has been put out there. My goal is to educate, inspire, and help people find relief in CBD.

I wanted to create a website on this because of how fast it has grown, and taken over everywhere. People of all career backgrounds are either trying to invest in a CBD company or start their own. In my website, I will share with you real life stories on how a personal trainer/realtor started up their company just about a year ago.


What is it?

CBD is the commonly known abbreviation for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive properties that produce the euphoric “high” that comes along with smoking regular THC derived marijuana. According to research, CBD actually counter acts with the THC, meaning that it can quickly alleviate the feelings of being under the influence. (Take the high away) According to WebMD, the true definition of CBD is, “Cannabidiol is a chemical in the Cannabis sativa plant, also known as marijuana or hemp. Over 80 chemicals, known as cannabinoids, have been identified in the Cannabis sativa plant. While delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major active ingredient in marijuana, cannabidiol is also obtained from hemp, which contains only very small amounts of THC.”

In the past three years, CBD has skyrocketed in sales and popularity. The reason being is because of the numerous benefits CBD provides for humans and animals. People who suffer from anxiety, joint and body pain, seizures, IBS, mental issues, inflammation, depression, migraines, and many other issues can find relief in using CBD. People with some of the same issues find that THC marijuana products help them to deal with their bodily and mental health problems. Unfortunately, since Texas and many others states have not legalized THC yet, people find the next best treatment in CBD. Like I said earlier, CBD and THC actually help animals as well. If your pets are suffering from pain, seizures, appetite problems, anxiety, and more, looking into to CBD treats and tinctures could be a great and effectible option for your pet.

The marijuana plant contains higher concentrations of THC. And the hemp plant contains way less, to be exact, 0.03% THC or lower to qualify as being a hemp plant. Both THC and CBD can be extracted from the plants flowers and buds, then they can be put into a usable oil for treatment. Once it is extracted, the oil can be added into make edibles, tinctures, and salves. Smoking CBD marijuana doesn’t require anything to be extracted from the buds. The buds simply need to be tested before putting out the product to sell. If the buds test under 0.03% then they can immediately be sold as smoke-able CBD bud. Stores everywhere are starting carry CBD products, from coffee shops to gyms, nutrition depos to pet shops, everyone wants to be a part of the fast-growing movement.


In the year 1963, CBD was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam, also known as the “Grandfather of Medical Marijuana.” While doing research at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, Mechoulam separated the CBD from the cannabis plant, making a revolutionary discovery that would change the world. He also discovered THC at this point too, coming to terms that one could separate these cannabinoids from the cannabis plants.

Through stories told and research found, humans have been relying and consuming marijuana for centuries. According to website, CBDSAFE.com, the first evidence of marijuana use dates back to 500 BC in Central Asia. Through evidence provided, it seems that marijuana was first used for ceremonial, medical and recreational reasons; not much has changed since back then!  From back then until now, the debate continues on how beneficial cannabis is for us. Although many people are more aware now than ever that CBD and THC aren’t bad for human consumption, there are still people who are skeptical in it’s treatments.

Because of the reputation the cannabis plant has, getting people off the idea that CBD will not produce a high was somewhat and still is a challenge. People are left feeling uneasy at the thought of smoking/eating/taking marijuana for this reason. But with the constant information being produced, taught and learned people everywhere are getting educated on the many benefits of using CBD oil.

Back in 1948, CBD was first tested on animals by Dr. Walter S Lowe. It was then proved that CBD does not alter the mind and mental state. In the year 1980, Dr. Mechoulam did it once again, through one of his many studies he discovered CBD could be a prominent solution in treating epilepsy. This was a significant breakthrough for the world of medical marijuana, soon CBD would be making its way into stores in all 50 states of the United States.

            The future for CBD and medical marijuana seem very bright. The only way its really going, is up. People can no longer deny the facts that CBD and THC products are helping people, and for many, is the only thing that helps them. Besides the fact of it treating a variety of disorders, it is replacing the Big Pharm industry. More and more people are getting off their pain pill addictions and switching to CBD and medical marijuana products. This is just the beginning of helping the opioid addiction crisis in America. Since CBD has been proven to not to damage the human body, it is a positive alternative for opioid users to switch to.

Where can I find it?

As you now know, stores are popping up everywhere in Austin and the San Marcos area. Unique perception is located at 2026 W Ben White Blvd. There are also many online stores who carry different kinds of products if you can’t seem to find what exactly what you’re looking for.

In Austin, there are already over 150 storefronts that sell CBD. It is definitely something that has become a trend. Even if it just a fad now, there are real beneficial uses behind it.

Fun Facts

CBD is just one of thousands components found in the marijuana plant. It is exciting to see where this industry will be in the 10 years and if someone has found a component that could possibly be better than CBD and THC.

One reason why I personally believe CBD is beneficial, is because of my aunts dog, Rusty. Rusty is an extremely over weight and old dog, and wouldn’t walk around and move too much anymore. She started him on CBD treats and in a matter of weeks, he started walking and moving more.

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